Frequently Asked Questions
BaselineTV is a YouTube network made to help you get paid for your content. We do this by allowing your channel the ability to monetize your videos. At the same time, we try to help your channel get noticed!

You can join by either becoming a partner, content aggregator, or recruiter. You can apply by simply filling out the form on the Apply page.

We cannot guarantee any set CPM (payment per 1000 views). Although we set no cap on your earnings. This can lead to you earning higher CPMs with no limit. The CPM average which you might be able to expect on a channel is between $9-$12 for our English speaking channels.

No, we have absolutely zero access to anything on your channel. You have 100% ownership.

Yes we can. If you gain over 5,000 views a month, you are eligble to be accepted. Payments come 45 days after the calender month through Paypal. Example, January payments come on March 15th.

No. As long as you are mature, respectful, and eager to make videos, you can apply.

We give each partner the individual attention that they need to run a successful channel. Our networking team consists of YouTubers with over 200,000 subscribers. If you join our network you will be added into our exclusive 'Networking Skype Chat' to help promote your videos. You can discuss strategy and grow with our other large YouTubers in our network.

We respond to all emails sent to our network email, and have Skype. You can also send us a tweet, or send our CEO a tweet directly if the contact is urgent. Our Skype is 'BaselineTV'